Promo 2009 & Demo 2009

This band-to-business promo album contains six songs. The first three are to be considered as "Promo 2009" since they're recorded, produced and mixed by Kari Nieminen at Noisecamp studios. The latter three represent the "Demo 2009" and are self-produced, recorded and mixed by T. Palokankare & E. Tuominen at Firehouse Home and Funghi Beer lounge and Blind Rehearsal Cave.

Three songs released for public and are available for download below.


  • The List
  • Daughter of the Sun
  • Cole

  • Mind's Armor
  • Blessing of Freyja
  • Cold New World

Additional info

All songs written by A. Öström except "The List" and "Cold New World" written by J. Lehtinen. Lyrics by A. Öström except "The List" by E. Tuominen and "Mind's Armor" & "Cold New World" by T. Palokankare.

Orchestrations by Joona Lukala. Also mastered by Joona Lukala.

Cover artwork by A. Öström, layout by T. Palokankare.

Band photography by Mikko "H ackman" Kovasiipi.