Symphony of Delusions (2005)

In October 2004 we signed a deal with Arise Records. First result was the recording of our debut album in X-Mas 2004/January 2005. We continued our work with Kari Nieminen and Esa Orjatsalo with this recording too.

Track listing:

  • Central Theory
  • My Black Letter
  • Ender
  • An Insane's Diary pt. II
  • The Silent Song
  • All for the Unspoken
  • Shotgun Symphony
  • Words of Truth
  • Thornhearts
  • Statues and the Worldends
  • Runaway (Japan bonus track)


  • Eino Tuominen - Vocals
  • Anders Öström - Guitar
  • Jaakko Lehtinen - Guitar & Clean vocals
  • Kalle Lahti - Bass guitar
  • Timo Palokankare - Drums & Clean vocals
  • Zacharias E. Aarnio - Keyboards.

Additional info

Release date: 13th May 2005

Produced at Noisecamp studios Turku, Finland during December 2004 and January 2005 by Kari Nieminen & Esa Orjatsalo.

Engineered by K.Nieminen. Assisted by E.Orjatsalo.

Recorded by K.Nieminen. Assisted by E.Orjatsalo, Eino Tuominen, Timo Palokankare & Tommi Hartikainen.

Mixed by K.Nieminen.

Mastered by Joona Lukala.

Arrangements by Blind Stare, K.Nieminen & E.Orjatsalo.

Orchestral Arrangements by J.Lukala

Clean vocals performed by T.Palokankare & J.Lehtinen.

Clean vocals in Runaway (bonus) performed by Jarkko Ahola.

Cover artwork by Jan Yrlund.

Photography by Sami Kilpiö.