The Dividing Line

Release date: 27th of July 2012 (finnish)

Produced by Blind Stare


  • Anders Öström - guitars
  • Eino Tuominen - lead growl and lead clean vocals
  • Jaakko Lehtinen - lead guitar and lead clean vocals
  • Timo Palokankare - drums
  • Tuomas Riihimäki - keyboards
  • Ossi Elonen - bass guitar

Drums recored at Noisecamp by Kari Nieminen

Everything else recorded by J. Lehtinen, T. Palokankare & E. Tuominen at various summer camps and lounges

Mixed by Kari Nieminen

Mastering & orchestral arrangements by Joona Lukala

Photography by Mikko Kovasiipi

Bass guitar on tracks 7 & 10 by Kalle Lahti

A&R Joni Kantoniemi, Inverse Records

Tracks (lyrics)

  • Cold New World
  • Mind's Armor
  • Bring Down the Tears
  • Mindless Dreams
  • Death and Rebirth
  • Blessing of Freyja
  • The List
  • Redemption
  • The Disciple
  • Daughter of the Sun
  • Legion of Lost Minds